Race regulations


Mediolanum bank, A.S.D sport group Badia Prataglia 2001, Athletic Avis Bibbiena and Trail Running Project A.S.D. In cooperation with Pro Loco Badia Prataglia, municipality of Poppi, the F.I.D.A.L. Toscana, the E.P.S. U.I.S.P. and the entity of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park are organizing the 3rd Edition of Trail of the Foreste Casentinesi which from this year onwards will be called TRAIL SACRED FORESTS, a competitive event of Trail Running (run into the nature) over different distances in semi self-sufficiency.


The Sacred Forests Trail is a F.I.D.A.L. And U.I.S.P. National event along the paths of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park. During registration all the participants will be able to chose their favourite route between: •ULTRATRAIL 83KM 4400 D+ •TRAIL LUNGO 50 KM 3000D+ (Fidal Italian Championship 2016 and IAAF World Championship2017) •TRAIL 26 KM 1500 D+ •SHORT TRAIL 14 KM 800D+ All the routes are in semi self-sufficiency


Are admitted to the races athletes from all Coutries and any gender, aged over 18, members of Fidal or any Sportive Entity in agreement with Fidal, possessing a medical certificate for the agonistic activity of Athletics valid on the date of the race (17/09/2016). Athletes who have been disqualified from the race after the use of doping substances are not allowed to the competition. No qualifying race is needed to enroll.


It's possible to collect the bib / race packet on Friday, June 9th from 3PM to 7PM


In case of extreme weather conditions (heavy fog, snowstorms, heavy rainstorms), the organizers will be entitled to make route changes, even during the race itself, in order to avoid potential dangers or disconfort situations for all the participants. All the possible route variations will be comunicated to the athletes and reported by the operators. The organizers will be also entitled to suspend or cancel the race whenever the weather conditions would put at risk participants', volunteers' or rescuers' safety.


MANDATORY (We will perform checks before departure, whoever will be found without the will be disqualified, according to weather conditions for the day of the race the compulsory equipment list can be modified) • Pectoral of race prominently throughout the race for all races (along the way there will be more than pectoral check points, make sure that the inspection staff have popped your passing, be disqualified) • Mobile (load, with security numbers saved in the phonebook) • Water bottle or Camelbak or glass (the refreshment you will not find in plastic cups) • Shoes Trail (trails presumably wet and sometimes slippery, as the Trail shoes offer added grip) • Thermal Telo • Whistle • lamp operating front with charging batteries for ultratrail 80km and for those in LongTrail through the time gate Ridracoli Dam after 4 hours of race STRONGLY RECOMENDED • RoadBook • At least 2.1 liters of liquids • solids feed Allowed to use sticks


It is expected the immediate disqualification and withdrawal of the race bib in case of these violations: checking point missed, starting from a checking point after the due time, cutting the race route, letting someone else accompany you along the way (which is forbidden), leaving waste long the path, not providing assistance to a competitor in need, insults ot threats towards organizers or volunteers, using vehicles during the competition, refusing to undergo a medical check during the race, refusing to undergo a mandatory material check, in case you miss even just a point regarding the mandatory material at the starting point, during and at the end of the competition (read art. 5), race bib exchange.


ULTRA TRAIL 83Km 4.400D+ (19 hours and 30 minutes)
A "SAG wagon" will travel the route by following the latest entrant to the end, so that any injured not remain without assistance.
1)Le Gualchiere km43 10 hours of run,
2)Santuario La Verna km60 14 hours and 30 minuts of run
Competitors who do not arrive within the prescribed time limits will be stopped and will not continue the race. To protect the health of the participants, the medical staff present at checkpoints or along the path is enabled to stop the competitor who will not be judged suitable to the continuation of the race. In this case the competitor must follow the directions of medical staff, under penalty of immediate disqualification. The joints competitors to time gates out of time, the injured, those who will be judged by medical personnel unfit to continue the race, and other athletes who want to retire voluntarily, will be accompanied on arrival by a shuttle service. Each candidate will withdraw from the race out of the predetermined points, will be required to return to their own decision immediately his retirement by phone or SMS to the number indicated dal'organizzazione. The food and the dining drinks should only be consumed on the spot; it is forbidden to drink straight from bottles of refreshments, the waste will have to be thrown in the special containers. The runners will have the amount of water and food necessary to get to the next refreshment. Upon arrival there will be a further refreshment.


to the first 3 sports club for the number of participants to the competition.
for each race will be rewarded:
3 FOR EACH CATHEGORY (under 50-over 50-over 60) M/F
The Trail Lungo 50 km will determine the italian Fidal Champion (M/F) of Trail Lungo 2016.


By enrolling, all the athletes authorise the free, no territorial or span limit use of stare or moving images which show them during the Trail competition.


For any aspect not indicated, it is valid the F.I.D.A.L. Regulation. The voluntary registration and the consequent participation to the race show the full agreement of the regulation and its possible changes in it. By registering to the competition, the participant exempts the organizers from any responsibility, both civil and penal, regarding damages to persons and/or things caused by him.

Run between the most Ancient and Pristine Forests in Europe

Online registration

Trail to the Sacred Forests OPEN can only participate Athletes and older possess FIDAL membership card or other entity Sports Promotion recognized by CONI (UISP, AICS ... etc.) and Medical Certificate for Competitive Sports of "ATHLETICS Activities "valid for the day of the race. Beware, they will not be accepted certificates which do not display the words "ATHLETICS", if maturing can also be sent at a later time to the pre-enrollment. They will not be accepted Athletes who are serving suspensions for using performance-enhancing substances. Subscriptions to the Sacred Forests Trail Open will open Thursday 'December 1st and will close online Sunday, June 4

The cost of registration will be divided into brackets:

    From December 1st to March 31th

  • ULTRA TRAIL 83km: 60euro
  • From April 1st to June 4th

  • ULTRA TRAIL 83km: 80euro


Format of subscription and payment methods available on TDS platform. The registration fee includes: Race bib, assistance and refreshments along the route, Goody bag with Technical Products and / or Food, Lunch Suit Finisher Medal for ultratrail and Trail, Changing rooms and showers.


In case of cancellation of the tender for reasons of force majeure, up to 15 days before the event, the organization reserves to repay an amount equal to 50% of the paid registration fee. This percentage is justified by the many expenses that the Organization has already made and can not recover.
In the event of interruption or cancellation of the race for weather reasons, or for any other reasons beyond the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.